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Second Saturday - Seminar for women of divorce

Divorce is quite prevalent in the United States. The statistic most frequently cited is that 50% of all marriages done today will end in divorce at some point in the future. This is a sad reality for many families in terms of emotional conflict and failed expectations. However, there are other consequences that the court system, judges and lawyers fail to address in the divorce process; the divorce financial impact.

During the conflict of a divorce most parties want to end the pain quickly.
This emotional stress leads to quick decisions that have very long financial implications. Decisions regarding the distribution of retirement accounts, how to handle large cash settlements, or ensuring that child support payments continue while young children are in the house are critical issues that need to be evaluated with a larger picture perspective. Judges and lawyers are not qualified to offer divorce financial advice, yet the need for this guidance is critical to a person involved in a divorce.

Likewise, divorce can often be brought on by the discovery of infidelity.
The emotional devastation that happens to a person that suddenly understands
that they have been deceived is not an easy wound to heal. Therapeutic resources are needed to begin the process of healing.

In a world where the average hourly rate to consult a matrimonial attorney is $400/hr, it can be difficult to know where to go or what to do when emotions run high, and financial resources are being stretched to the limit. Finally, there is a solution to this common problem. For a small fee, you get the opportunity to ask questions, and hear about some of the resources that are available to you from, not only, an attorney but a divorce mediator, a financial advisor and a therapist. All four people specialize in working with women going through divorce. Even if you have recently gone through, or are planning to go through a divorce, the information presented by the Second Saturday panel is of critical importance.

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